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Partitioning, placing, and routing a design of more than one billion gates on an array of commercial FPGAs isn’t trivial. Understanding the hardware configuration may help navigate through the gate netlist place-and-route. The starting point is learning to compile a design for emulation by training with an instructor.

Then, via Equations 1 and 3, we get pulses into the data register in the SMT module. To know the period value, we multiply the pulses by 2 µs. Therefore, we look for our multiply factor; in this case, the nearest real number for 2 µs is 2.

Firefox has a responsive design viewthat encourages you to stop thinking in terms of specific devices and instead explore how your design changes at common screen sizes or your own size by dragging the edges. To test it, we apply a 50-Hz input signal from an external pulse-width modulation into the read pin.

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All take time to reach a level of confidence to debug a DUT. A simulator allows for a high degree of interactivity, including 100% design visibility and controllability, though execution slows as more of them are used. Conversely, an emulator may not offer the same level of interactivity because visibility and controllability vary depending on the architecture of the emulator. Emulators built on custom architectures achieve the highest level of visibility with the lowest speed degradation.

  • Make sure you unblock the program if your firewall complains about it.
  • BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package – This program simulates the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • To run a BlackBerry simulator, you need to start the MDS, then the simulator.
  • We’re interested in the MDS program, as this gives us Web connectivity.

According to the datasheet’s timing diagram, we have a delay before starting the counter for synchronization purposes; the time depends on the internal or external clock. We set in software a 50-ms delay after starting an acquisition. Dr. Lauro Rizzatti is a verification consultant and industry expert on hardware emulation. Previously, Dr. Rizzatti held positions in management, product marketing, technical marketing and engineering. The novice engineer must learn the emulator architecture and its limitations, and then adapt to inherent limitations.

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Real device testing wins big over either of the two with QA Testing that can check for every possible scenario. negative results, which will surely have a negative impact on the organizations’ ROI. Another disadvantage is that howsoever much close they may learn more here be to the real app, they may still not cover all features/situations and the results obtained may not be as accurate as you would want them to be. But if you want to test at 3G speeds, you have to walk outside, smell some fresh air and test on actual 3G speeds.

Emulators designed on commercial FPGAs trade visibility for speed of execution. As mentioned earlier, an emulator can be used in either ICE or virtual mode. Gaining expertise in either mode requires several months of training and practice. In general, DUT compilation can benefit from emulator hardware knowledge. This is especially true of a field-programmable gate-array -based emulator.