Boxer Alexander Besputin little more than a month was the WBA champion, all fell down because of doping

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In the end, the Russians butane and Besputin played in the overall championship fight WBA welterweight title. The winner was determined without any problems, so only the triumph of justice – is questionable. Champion caught using doping. But it still why not try these out had to test “catch.”

 Boxer Alexander Besputin caught for doping after the championship title fight WBA, despises his opponent

 December 1, 2019 was held the championship bout at welterweight at stake – the WBA belt. For the prestigious status once two Russians Alexander Besputin Rajab and Bhutan. Unbeaten Besputin got a victory over an opponent and therefore the title.

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 Happy New Year to everybody???????????? Thank you in 2019! Thank God for everything! Peace for everyone! ????????????????

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 1 Yanv 2020 to 2:38 PST

 In our special article, we explained why the fight Emelianenko Kadyrov and accurately be held.

 Shortly after that the newly WBA champion went to check for banned substances. In samples of the boxer has been found in the form of doping ligandrola. This drug promotes muscle growth and in most factors similar to steroid.

 The news quickly spread through the whole world, which responded and defeated Rajab Bhutan. Boxer revealed unexpected details, saying that his team tried to persuade Besputin testing before the fight, but was refused.

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 Thank God! Yesterday I became a world champion! I thank all those involved in my victory! This is a common victory! I went to this all his life, with God’s help, more more! Peace for everyone! Thanks to all!!! @ Roma_k.81 @tigran_mma @klimasmanagement @lomachenkovasiliy @fedotov_vladimir_ @ @mitrofanow @ macboxer19 @ed_rehab @ koloss17 @a_besputina @evgenyi_besputin @ shvets7754 @usyka @venum

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 December 1st, 2019 at 3:16 PST

 Later Butaev team again appealed to the representatives of Alexander with the same proposal, but with the promise to pay for the tests. According to Rajab, Besputin could not catch the two weeks to finally conduct a drug screen.

 Bhutan noted that after such behavior Besputin fail a drug test does not surprise him. Defeated boxer added that he never respected opponent.

 In a separate article we compared the duel looks with two bouts Fury and Wilder to find interesting patterns.

 To date, the assets of Alexander Besputin victory at the European Championships in 2013 and second place at the European Games in 2015. The Russian pro has spent 14 fights, never lost. Alexander himself has not yet commented on the situation.

 Earlier, we wrote about the statement, Tyson Fury, which affected the fight against Conor McGregor Donald Cerrone.

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