The Glory Of The Lord

This is an article I have recently written for an issue of an upcoming magazine:

The glory of the Lord is such a precious, yet powerful, presence of God almighty. As I was listening to Dr. Savelle (Dad) last October prophecy what was to come in 2015, the year of Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration, my spirit leaped with joy knowing that when these three phenomenon’s are in operation we are seeing the “Glory” of the Lord.

We would see and recognize the presence of God (glory) in such a way that Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration, would begin to take place in our “ministry” meetings and in our lives.

I believe that we are in a very pivotal season, spiritually speaking. We are in a place where we must have these three phenomena’s (Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration) in our lives and in our services to live in all that God has promised us in these last days. I believe, that as we receive and choose to embrace this magnificent prophecy that these last days can be wonderful and full of God experiences.

In 2 Chronicles 5:14, we see when the glory of the Lord filled the temple, “it” altered the natural, the priest could not even stand or naturally operate during this time. What happened? The glory of the Lord overcame all natural operations.

This is what we need in our meetings today. We need the “Glory” of God or Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration, to alter our services. We need this great presence of God in order to experience heaven on earth. The effects of being in a meeting of this kind are life altering. In the presence of God, we see his majesty and understand his magnificent love and power. In his presence we are forever changed.

You may be reading this saying, “This all sounds great but how do I get right in the middle of this great season of the “Glory” of God? How do I position myself and my church to be a part of this Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration, season”?

We first must begin to understand the “power” of prophecy. We must understand when anointed men and women of God speak prophetically, that they are speaking on behalf of God almighty. They are declaring on behalf of God what shall be. Prophecy is a prophetic utterance (God strategically speaking His plans for the present or future through men). When we hear the prophetic utterance, we have a decision to make, receive it and establish it as God’s word or receiving it as a cute natural word given to exhort those in the meeting.

A prophetic declaration must be accepted and received as if God himself were speaking it, because he is. After receiving this word/words we now must tend to the word or position ourselves by faith to be in the right place at the right time with great expectation.

Faith will keep you positioned to receive what God has promised. Faith will keep the potential attacks that will try to weaken or rob the word from you. Faith will keep the enemy at bay (defeated) and keep you spiritually positioned and ready to walk in the promise.

We as Christians have a spiritual responsibility to protect and continually receive the word that was spoken to us by those who prophesied it. It’s like the word of God, you can’t hear it once then forget it, it will become powerless or a thing of the past. We must stay in it, we must continue to confess with our mouth and believe with our heart. This is the same way we must tend to the prophetic utterance; we must walk it out, declare it, and expect it to come to pass.

At New Way Church’s 2015 annual believers’ conference, Dr. Jerry Savelle was the guest keynote speaker and the theme of this year’s conference was “Understanding the Supernatural.” This was a four-day conference, in which, we believed for Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration. We wanted to be in the presence of God.

As “Dad” began to teach and minister concerning the anointing, the presence, the glory of God and what we could expect in this season and in these meetings, the presence of God filled the room and we had some of the greatest meetings that I have ever been in.

We saw the Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration. We saw miracles; we sensed and understood that something great was happening in the spiritual realm.

We are still seeing the effects of these meetings and I believe that this is only the beginning. During the meetings, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Something great is taking place in the spiritual realm that will effect you in the natural realm.” I believe, that we are going to see continual Visitation, Manifestation, and Demonstration in these next days and months.

It is so hard to explain what takes place in meetings like these, they must be experienced. The best description I can give is, Days of Heaven on Earth. It just appeared that the world with all its stresses and problems disappeared and there was such a great peace and an atmosphere for the miraculous. We experienced healings, several financial breakthroughs, bills paid off, and business breakthroughs.

Testimony: A man that had been backslidden for years came up for prayer and when Dr. Savelle laid his hands on him, you could actually see the power of God being transferred into this man. It was almost like seeing life going into his body. You could see him getting free, he began to pray in the Holy Ghost and has become a part of the church and has been in every service since. What more can I say, “We were in the presence of God almighty.”

The spiritual deposits that were made by Dr. Savelle in these meetings will have a lifetime effect on us all. I believe that we have only seen the beginning of what took place that week. It appears that all that was accomplished, “The spiritual release”, is building. I guess I could describe it as a snowball effect.

I thank God for Dad and Mom Savelle, I don’t have words to describe how much they mean to my family and I and how much they have helped us concerning the future of New Way Church and Richard Summerlin ministries. Forever thankful for all they continue to do for the body of Christ.

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