The Devil’s New Church Model

The modern day church, or the so called “christian churches”  are being run by demonic influences. “The Placebo Church,” Placebo /latin meaning; to please, was a medical term that was, actually, to deceive or trick people by telling patience they were receiving a special dose of a certain medication but there was no medication given. It’s mind manipulation and deception. This modern day church is a church that was birthed out of rebellion, or the church that was birthed because a so-called  “pastor” chose that office as a vocation instead of being chosen and ordained of God. This choice is usually fueled by the images that are depicted of the modern “rock ‘n roll” status pastor. He or she, the (placebo) pastor, deceives you into following his little scheme to use you to make him rich and a popular “rock ‘n roll” pastor.

These pastors and churches meet for the sake of a job or paycheck. They don’t carry out the great commission. Well, they probably don’t know the great commission, or they have figured out that the great commission would mess up their little plan. I asked my church a few weeks ago a (rhetorical) question: how many churches in a 100 mile radius would know how to get someone filled with Holy Ghost (with the evidence of praying in other tongues) and cast a devil out of someone that was possessed? Hmmmm?

We need to get back to preaching the truth! We need to teach the Word of God and prepare God’s people to know the difference between the fake and real. We need to draw clear lines as many want them blurred and faded for the sake of wider boundaries.

Scripture References:
Mark 7:21-23, 1 Timothy 4:1,2, Acts 20:28-30 (amp), John 10:10-16 (amp), Matthew 7:15,16 (amp)

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